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Sliding and Gliding!

Mother’s Day weekend!

A trip down the slide

Sofia show us how she can lift her feet up while riding her glide bike!

The girls ride down a hill- Sofia is more bold and Audrey is taking things slow & steady!

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Shopping carts and bubbles!

In this first video, the girls blow bubbles and Daisy helpfully tries to catch them!

In the next video- the girls dream up a new thing to do with their shopping cart… maybe this wasn’t a good idea….

And in this video… see if you can spot what changed after the last one!

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Learning to ride our bikes!

The girls got their first bikes (bikes without pedals that help you learn to balance and glide) this week- we felt like the time was right because they love to talk about Daddy riding his bike and with the weather nice and it light later- we can head out when we get home and go for a "ride" in the neighborhood. Their first time out was yesterday and they loved it! Right now, they are mostly walking their bikes along but I expect them to be gliding soon. If you want to see a kid who has gliding down, just search for "balance bike" on YouTube and you’ll see lots of videos of tiny kids that are whizzes on their balance bikes.

You’ll see in the first video that Audrey and Sofia use "teamwork" to get that big box in the door- and open it in no time flat (note to self for Christmas this year!)


First "ride"

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A few videos from the past month or so

Do a little dance…

Kiss: FAIL

Kiss: Success!

Excited, no tired….

Valentine’s Day puppies

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Medic One “Life Story” video about Tony’s cardiac arrest and recovery

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A couple little movies

Audrey & Sofia show off their Halloween costumes at daycare. Sofia really enjoyed being a bumble bee and Sofia loved being a fairy.

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