Steroids and baby names, oh my!

First, about the baby names
Today is a big day.  The first day that the babies’ names are down in print somewhere!  Now, before you get too excited, they are still completely secret and we are not revealing them until the girls arrive, BUT I did write them in the girl’s baby books.  I also plan to hide the books in a secret and heavily guarded (think long teeth, a low growl, and suspicious brown eyes- answers to Daisy, I mean "Killer") location, so that no sneaky relatives (I’m mostly thinking about a certain sister…) can come in and find out the names ahead of everyone else.
Baby books are fun to fill out, though I will obviously have to send Tony to the store to find out some of the more arcane data required- like the price of milk, bread, and a movie ticket (since it’s been a couple months since I’ve done any shopping or theater movie watching).  Interestingly, one of the items listed is "computer".  What do you think that replaced- turntable maybe or VCR?  And in what year- ’96?  In my baby book does it say, "8-track"?  I’ll have to send Tony down to the basement to dig it out and answer the mystery.  What will be in the baby books that they are filing out- "personal robot" or "android"?  Will they still fill them out on paper?  I hope so- there is something magical about paper that cannot be replicated online.
I’m also somewhat ashamed to fill out the "Famous World Leaders" section.  Do I really have to write down George "W"?  It feels inauspicious…, like being born under the wrong sign or something.  Maybe I’ll just list the democratic front runners or focus on some inspiring world leader like Oprah or Bono… hmmm, maybe those don’t count either.
And finally about the steroids
No, I don’t have some kind of "Tour de Bedrest" announcement to make- I haven’t been trying to bulk up the muscles of my uterine wall.  It’s just that at my 30 week appt. today, the dr. suggested we go ahead and do the steroid shots that help prep the girls (their lungs in particular) in case of early arrival.  Without going into too much detail, there are a few changes that indicate I might be getting a little bit ready (physically) for their delivery.  Nothing eminent, the dr. still thinks I have at least a few weeks, but this is just to be sure that the babies have every advantage in the event that labor starts before 36 weeks.
That’s about it for now!
Jennie and the girls

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