Out with the IV, In with the shakes

Out with the IV, In with the shakes
One week down, one to go?  So, I was admitted to the hospital a week ago Sunday and have been entombed in my room ever since.  Today is exciting because I got my IV out!  I still have this little plug in my arm, ready for a quick hook back up, but for the moment I’m free!  Free to put on my own shirt.  Free to walk to the bathroom unencumbered.  Free to roll over in bed.  I’m even thinking of spicing up the afternoon by sitting in the chair by the window (don’t worry- it leans back) and watching the traffic roll by.
Unfortunately, the IV removal comes at a cost.  I am transitioning from the drug Magnesium Sulfate (via IV) to an oral medication called Terbutaline.  Terbutaline has some lousy side effects.  Sure, at first the "mag" makes you want to give away the babies inside you in exchange for not feeling so sick, but once you get acclimated to it and then it’s not so bad.  At first, just blinking makes you feel nauseous, but once that passes you feel almost normal.  The biggest drawback is being attached to the IV.  Now, Terbutaline doesn’t make you want to gouge your eyes out, but it does make you jittery, your heart race, and it makes it hard to focus.  It feels like when you have too much to drink, but you’re not quite at the ready to barf stage- it’s the part just before that when you have to steady yourself a bit and you KNOW that you are going to be ready to puke in about 20 minutes.  It’s like being stuck in that stage constantly.  I have not decided yet if the lack of an IV is a fair trade.  Depends if these side effects wear off or not….
So, one week to go?
Well, if I can keep the contractions under control for the next few days AND if my ultrasound this afternoon goes well, then I might be able to return to home bedrest by the end of the week.  Frankly, I think the doctors are being excessively cautious at this point.  I don’t feel like my contractions have picked up at all and I know what to watch for.  I can feel Tony giving me the virtual "eye" as I write this and I agree- it’s much better to be safe than sorry.  It’s just that it’s hard to be cooped up in a stuffy hospital room all the time.  I miss sleeping in the same bed w/ my husband.  I miss our sweet Daisy and the kitties.  I miss fresh air and being able to sit in the backyard over lunch.  I DO know that it is harder to "be good" at home- there’s the lure of places that require stairs to get to, there’s answering the door when the UPS guy rings the bell, there’s getting up to make lunch…. but I would be very careful!  I know- I’m not bargaining with anyone but myself and ultimately will do exactly what the doctors recommend because for all of my petty longings- the most important thing is that these girls are given the longest opportunity to grow in utero before arriving in our lives.  Hands down, I’d much rather have them cook inside me, rather than have to sit beside them while they struggle to gain weight and learn to breathe in a little incubator.
So, grow girls grow!  Patience has never been my strong suit but I’ll do my best.



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