The Halloween Spirit!

Sofia and Audrey’s 1st Halloween
When you’re six weeks old, Halloween is pretty uneventful.  No trick or treating, no candy, no carving pumpkins, no scary movies and worst of all- no It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  But when you are the parents of six weekers, you have a pretty good time.  And to our surprise, Daisy had a pretty good time too.
Sofia and Audrey got all dressed up in their Halloween onesies- they had the MOST adorable costumes, sent by a dear friend, but weren’t able to fit in them because they were sized for 3- 6 mo olds.  I tried exchanging them with no luck, so we’ll have to get their pictures in them later. That’s the great thing- you can dress babies in anything you want and no one is going to say boo.  Whether it’s pajamas for 6 mos. straight, cutesy clothes, or lion costumes in January…parents have complete autonomy.  Of course, I think the amount a parent indulges their own quirky style for baby clothes is probably directly proportional to the trouble you have with the babies as they grow into young girls.  Sure, that dress with the matching ruffled underwear is cute now, but do you want to pay for it with demands for neon pink mini-skirts when they are six?!  And photographing these adventures only guarantees two things: 1) You’ll be able to embarass them at their wedding, and 2) They are going to make you pay through the nose in their teenage years.
So, hopefully, we got off pretty easy this year- you can judge for yourself in the Six Week picture folder.
Going back to Halloween day- the girls made their first corporate campus tour.  Can you guess where we visited?  Yep, we took them to Microsoft and showed them off like the goofy, ridiculously proud parents that we are.  Tony strutted around the cafeteria with the girls in the exact way a peacock showing off his remarkably beautiful plumage would.  It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.  He had a 1,000 watt smile turned on the entire time!  I also visited my work team and was flushed with happiness at all the exclamations over the girls.
Later that evening, we prepped for the roughly 2 to 5 trick or treaters we get every year.  I don’t know if our house looks like we give out crappy candy (like licorice) or it’s because we are on a busy street… but we get very few kids at the door.  And I know what you’re thinking.. Yes, anyone who rings the bell is greeted by a rather shocking sound.  Daisy makes sure everyone knows that she is a big, scary, hungry guard dog slavering behind the door already contemplating where she is going to bury the hand that she bites off your wrist.  Except that she’s not, and as soon as she sees you, she’s friendly and wagging her tail. (Okay, there are a few exceptions where she continues to bark after the door is open and this happens almost exclusively with men… no idea why).  So, those few trick or treaters are generally a bit alarmed when they ring the bell and wait nervously for us to finally open the door.  But there is always an exception….which brings us to:
The Halloween Spirit
This year two little boys came to the door, rang the bell and waited patiently while Daisy reenacted the dog version of The Shining at the front door.  I happened to be holding a baby upstairs, so had to find a suitably stable place to put her and race downstairs.  Once I got there and grabbed our bowl of mini 3 Musketeer bars (that’s what’s left when you buy Halloween candy ON Halloween), I was sure they would be cowering on the porch.  I opened the door, keeping Daisy carefully behind me and scanned for the parents that I knew would be waiting on the sidewalk.  I tried to smile innocently, as if our dog didn’t sound like Cujo.  Looking down, I was greeted by a tiny rock star and his even more diminutive rapper brother.  The smaller boy looks up at me, with faux gold chains swinging around his neck and says confidently, "That dog sure has The Halloween Spirit!".  It took me a minute to digest what he said and then I was so delighted I tried to give him a few extra candy bars.  Hell, these were likely the only two trick or treaters we were going to get.  The boy further amazed me by asking to pet her, so I let Daisy poke her head past my legs.  His happy face changed to slightly crestfallen when he got a good look at her and he said mournfully, "I thought she’d look more like a Werewolf!".  It was the highlight of my Halloween.
As for highlights, a close second for the day was a little later that evening when Tony and I sat down to feed the girls and watched It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  What a great little show.  We laughed and enjoyed every scene.  It is so cleverly written, filled with music and great dialogue from Charlie, Lucy, Linus, Peppermint Patty and of course Snoopy as a WWII flying ace.  Maybe our girls won’t enjoy it as much as we do and could be hard pressed to identify exactly what a "flying ace" actually is, but I think we’ll make them sit through it anyway.  It’s the start of our first holiday tradition.  We are also going to teach them that it’s a tradition to share half of their candy haul with their parents.  In the same way parents cruelly cajole kids into believing in Santa Claus, we’ll be able to fool them for a couple of years, right?!
As a p.s., I’ll just note that parenting is already making me an eccentric (or should I say more eccentric?) because I am eating a lunch that consists of a couple of frozen burritos doused in salsa and chasing it with a cup of coffee at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  Who knew that arabica beans went so well with refried beans?!

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