Playtime is in the Daytime!

The girls are just over 10 weeks old now and we are starting to see lots of changes.  They are starting to be more awake during the day and sleep longer at night.  They have now had 3 nights where they slept in 5 hour blocks which means that Mom & Dad only have to get up once (rather than twice!) in the night.  It’s been great.  Unfortunately, last night they broke the streak but we are hoping for a resumption of this new behavior tonight.  Another by-product of sleeping longer at night, is that they are up for longer stretches during the day.
"Now, What Do We Do?"
As new parents, we are delighted that the girls are staying up more during the day, but at first we weren’t sure what to do- either with them- or ourselves.  Seeing as they mostly just lay there and squiggle around.  It’s one of those moments where you glance around for where you put that copy of "Your Baby- The Owners Manual" only to realize that you don’t have one.  Sure,  there are a zillion books about babies out there, but there are no books only about YOUR baby and exactly what YOU should do when you are baffled by what to do with them.  But we are muddling our way through and have been reading to them- we’ve got the complete Peter Rabbit series that we are working through.  I’ve also been talking to them about their career options and college choices.  Hey, if they want to go Ivy League, we’ve got to start saving early!  We’ve also been playing a lot with little toys like rattles.  And when I say "we", I really mean Tony and I because thus far the girls haven’t expressed a lot of interest in toys.  We did get a flicker of excitement when we put the toys near their mouths, at which point they begin sucking on them to see if they might be another source of bliss for them- like their friends "The Bottles".  Sofia in particular has a sixth sense about the bottle. The minute you bring it near her lips, she goes pirahna for it- snapping her tiny jaws and tossing her head from side to side.  I don’t think it’s that she sees the bottle- maybe it’s the smell?  Regardless, you do not want to get between Sofia and a fresh bottle of milk!
So, we love this trend and are enjoying the new level of interaction that is developing!  A friend of ours calls watching your baby "Babyvision" and it’s true that you can sit and watch them for hours, they are just so fascinating- which is funny because after spending all that time just looking at them, you are hard-pressed to describe what you were watching in detail without immediately falling back on generalizations like, "Well, they are so cute" and "You should see them wiggle and blink, it’s awesome."  Having recently graduated from being a NRITB (Not Really InTo Babies) type gal, I can still see why our non-parent friends shake their heads in amazement.
I Love the Light
Currently, the girls seem to be primarily interested in staring at the recessed lighting.  I don’t think this indicates a future career in the lighting arts, but Tony has nicknamed all the lights "Fivel" from An American Tail. Remember that saccarin-sweet movie about the little mouse that has been separated from his family and that song "Somewhere out There" that gets stuck in your head as soon as you recall the first line? The lights are now named after Fivel because the girls just look like they are so wishing they could go visit the lights.  They really love the lights.  Audrey in particular seems to be really bonding with the lights.  We might have to have a talk with them about limits.  It’s okay to love the lights, just not LOVE the lights.
Second Best
Running in close second to the miracle of ceiling lights, are faces.  Both Sofia and Audrey are fascinated by faces- Mom, Dad, Grandma, the neighbors- you name it.  They also love looking at Daisy and will roll their heads around to watch her.  We don’t mind being second-best for a little while, but I do hope that we might get bumped up in the ratings once the girls realize that we are the bringers of milk and that the bottles don’t just appear on their own.
Check out the new pictures that Tony took this morning during playtime.  You’ll notice that far off expression several times- that is them communing with the lights in the ceiling.

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