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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All the Way!

Jingle Bell Rock This morning the girls participated in their first sporting event- The Jingle Bell Run.  It was blast.  Our friends Amanda and Stacey joined us for the crazy crowded, festive 5k.  We ran, we walked, we dodged walkers, … Continue reading

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Move over Chairman Mao, We’ve got our own Great Leap Forward!

Audrey’s Great Leap Forward Most people may not be aware of the magic number of babies.  It’s not "2" for twins, it’s not "6" for the number of months when they might start to crawl, it’s not "10" for all those … Continue reading

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Drum Roll Please!!!

Taaaa Da!  Watch Closely or You’ll Miss It. Yesterday, I was minding my own business, playing with the girls in their room.  We were going through the usual paces- tummy time, watch the rattle, and the girls’ favorite- spit-up contest, when … Continue reading

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