Move over Chairman Mao, We’ve got our own Great Leap Forward!

Audrey’s Great Leap Forward
Most people may not be aware of the magic number of babies.  It’s not "2" for twins, it’s not "6" for the number of months when they might start to crawl, it’s not "10" for all those fingers and toes- it’s actually "12"- but not because they are so cute you’d want a dozen of them.  Twelve is actually magical because it is roughly the weight at which babies often start sleeping through the night.
"And In This Corner, Weighing In At 11 lbs 14 oz…"
Yes, ladies and gentleman, we’ve just tipped the scales and the gates of uninterupted sleep have open before us like the gates of heaven.  Audrey is actually a bit of an overachiever.  Last night, the girls both slept like little champions.  Sofia was a rock star with a six hour stretch- sleeping from 8pm to 2am.  Tony dutifully fed Sofia but his intuition told him not to wake Audrey, despite the fact that we normally wake the second baby whenever the first one eats.  But last night, some little (incredibly wise) voice told Tony not to wake the peacefully sleeping Audrey.  So, she slept and slept, and slept.  Our little Rip Van Winkle continued to sleep through the closing of the bars, past the setting of the moon, through the start of our morning radio dj’s shift, through mom’s alarm, through mom’s shower, and all the way until mom had her first cup of life-giving, sanity restoring, happiness creating coffee.  And when I walked into their room, it was like Santa had come early and put the best, most wished for present right in that crib.  Audrey and Sofia both drowsy and just beginning to stir.  The heavy blanket of sleep had not yet completely slipped off their little warm bodies.  I was able to open the blinds, turn up the lights, take a big gulp of coffee and actually wake them up!
Eleven Weeks Old and Already Amazing
Eleven- nearly as good a number as twelve, because eleven is the number of hours that Audrey slept last night!  And today when we went into the dr.’s office for shots, how much did Audrey weigh?  Why, 11 pounds 14 ounces!  Just a couple shy of the magic number 12!  And our girl was a real hero and powered through eleven hours anyway, despite being a paltry 2 ounces short of 12 lbs.  Sofia is hot on her heels at 10 pds 8 ounces, so I am confident that we’ll have a second all-through-the-night sleeper here in another week or so.  Babies gain roughly 6 ounces a week, so we are a week or two away from major bliss at the Locati household.  In the meantime, it’ll be like we only have one baby for the overnight shift.
It’s Not The Size Of The Tummy
I don’t know why 12 lbs is the magic number, but it must be the weight where that they have enough reserves or energy to keep powered up for a seriously powered down sleep session.  Now, don’t think it’s because they can eat more- that is actually a common myth.  Audrey and Sofia have been holding steady on their food intake for a couple of weeks.  Our baby bible "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weissbluth says that the brain regulates a baby’s sleep patterns, not their tummy.  At first you are surprised when you read that, but that’s just because we’ve all assumed that when babies wake up they must immediately be hungry. 
Super Happy Holidays
Anyway, a level of happiness has settled over our house like a dusting of snow.  Let’s hope this new sleep pattern continues to hold.  We can’t wait for Sofia to join Audrey up on the Varsity sleep team, though her performance is hardly to be sneezed at.  And of course, Sofia did flip over first.  So they are both growing, changing, and developing everyday.  It is an absolute joy to watch them.  Have I mentioned that they are the cutest babies ever?  Well, definitely the cutest we’ve ever seen anyway.  Not that we’re biased.

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One Response to Move over Chairman Mao, We’ve got our own Great Leap Forward!

  1. Sue Haslam says:

    Congrats on your near first night of full sleep.  I lived and breathed Weissbluth for several months.  Sleep, sleep, sleep… no one knows how coveted of a goal that is, unless you have a newborn! or two in our case!  Great job to you and Tony, and the girls 🙂

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