Happy Easter! The girls are six months old!

Just a quick note- the girls are six month old!  Time has flown by.  This weekend we tried rice cereal for the first time.  It was not a huge hit, though they did manage to get most of it down and not on their bibs.  I am sure they will quickly become enamored of more solid foods and we are excited to watch them discover new things.
We’ve posted some pictures from this weekend.  Thought you’d like to see how the parents are holding up too!
Tomorrow (weather permitting), we might go see if the Easter bunny left anything in the park!
Happy Easter everyone!
Hugs, Jennie,Tony, Audrey & Sofia

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JENNIE LOCATI started her blog, WYS Words as a way to share her experiences as a professional woman, wife, mother, and irrepressible “do-gooder”. Her diverse life experiences have taken her to Kenya as a Peace Corps volunteer, the trading floors of Wall Street, to PATH, and most recently back to Microsoft, where she works in Executive Communications. Jennie shares her many misadventures, occasional insights, and unique perspectives in a voice that is self-deprecating, honest, and authentic. Read more at www.wyswords.com
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