The downside- Colds go on and on and on….

Check please!
Tony and I have been so fortunate the last 7 1/2 months.  The girls are pretty much non-stop fun and a constant delight.  That was, until they got colds- which at first wasn’t so bad… because you feel badly for them but not with them.  Then a couple days go by and they have sneezed in your face or put there recently icked up hands in your mouth… and pretty soon, YOU have the cold also.  And then, the whole family is sick and all the four of you do is sneeze and cough and get germs all over each other.
Remember when a cold lasted 3 days?!
Those days have apparently vanished.  We’ve now all had colds for almost 3 weeks.  Tony has been sleeping in the glider (it’s a kick ass chair actually) for the last few nights because of the coughing.  The girls have been waking up with either gunked up eyes or snuffly noses or both.  Tony and I have also been cycling through the gunky eyes and stuffy ears.  It’s been a blast.  Work has been reduced to a hazy fog of headaches and herbal tea- at least for me.  Tony has been drinking those mini-orange juices like they were citrus miracle cures.  Like most miracles… they haven’t actually worked.
The end is near
Maybe I’m an optimist, but I think my cold is finally retreating and the old immune system is going to send this one packing.  Audrey was the first to recover and I think Sofia is close behind her.  Tony, unfortunately, has been really hit hard by this one, but maybe by the weekend he’ll have made a full recovery.
Of course, with all that being said- the girls have been just great.  There has been more fussing and crying than usual (by babies and parents), but overall the girls have been little troopers- just so sweet and good natured the majority of the time.  We are so lucky that even when the girls aren’t feeling well, they still manage to be the most lovely, entertaining babies.
Backyard fun
Hope you enjoy the pictures I posted of us in the backyard the weekend before last.  We had a great time.  The pictures were taken during the 53 minute window when it wasn’t a) threatening to rain or b) just finished raining.  Audrey, by virtue of being less far along in the flowing locks department, got to wear the hat.  Sofia only had her smile and some drool to compete with.

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