Healthy = Happy

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise… well, 1 out of 3 isn’t bad!
So, I’m very pleased to say that everyone is healthy, and therefore, happy in the house!  The girls’ runny noes and coughs have cleared up completely!  It’s wonderful to see them with all of their energy back.  It’s amazing how alert and engaged they are with their environment- whether it is watching each other, staring at their own hands, or imitating us- you can just watch their minds absorbing everything.  It feels like watching magic happen before your eyes.
Audrey is getting her third tooth- while Sofia’s stubbornly continue to refuse to show their sharp white edges.  Sofia, as I’m sure you’ll notice in the pictures, is really getting a lot of hair.  There may even be a "bang trim" in her future. 🙂
Both girls are very active and moving around.  Both can lift their tummies off the ground and it is too close to call on who will crawl first.  Most of the time I lean towards Sofia, but then I will see Audrey make a really great leg kick and will instantly switch my bet to her.  Stay tuned.
Run away, run away!
This weekend, I’ll be running the 8K Beat the Bridge race and Tony and I are hosting a 1st annual post race Pancake feed at our house.  We are really excited to have our friends over and share in the glow (and hopefully NOT the smell) of a post-race high.  Tony will be manning the griddles, we’ve got friends on bloody mary detail, and I’ll be doing the race with a bunch of friends and co-workers- raising money for a great cause.  This race is special to me for a couple reasons- it’s right at the beginning of summer, so it’s a nice way to usher in the (hopefully) nicer weather and secondly, it always brings back memories of the first year that Tony and I dated.
New love- when you’ll do things you hate just to be together
When Tony & I first started dating, he didn’t reveal to me his deep dislike of running and the serious back pain it caused him to have- but rather would be a good sport and agree to run with me whenever I asked him.  And not knowing me that well, he didn’t realize that I might mix up 5 kilometers and 5 miles and not realize it.  What’s nearly twice the distance between friends?  So, when I asked him if he would run the "5k" Beat the Bridge with me, he gamely agreed.  When we did the race- he started off like a gazelle, quickly leaving me in the dust.  Unfortunately for him, BTB is NOT a 5k, but rather an 8K (about 5 miles)- this is a significant distance to a non-runner who is only doing it to get in good with his new girlfriend.  As the race went on and on, Tony slowed and I began to make up ground like the tortoise closing in on the hare.  Eventually I passed him, only for him to give me a look as close to a glare as one can muster when infatuated with someone.  We finished the event nearly together and he survived- albeit with a sore back.  Later, he made sure that friends, co-workers, and even a few strangers knew the agony I put him through.  I think I’ll always remain "distance challenged" in his mind.  He thinks I"m crazy for running anyway- which is how most non-runners feel about runners.
Needless to say, when I suggested that this year, he stay home and whip up pancakes for everyone- he was quick to agree!  Hopefully, I can get the number of guests right at least!

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