Changing at the Speed of Light!

9 Months Down!
The girls had their 9 month check-up on Wednesday.  It was quick and painless!  No shots, no issues, no crying!  Audrey is still slightly ahead in weight at 19 lbs, 5 oz but Sofia closed the gap a little, weighing in at 18 lbs 6 oz.  They are caught up on the development front with "full term" babies, so that’s nice to know.
Caught Up and Blazing Trails
This week has seen a bunch of milestones.  As you know, Sofia started commando crawling after several weeks of "practicing", whereas Audrey has joined the ranks of the newly mobile much more quickly.  She went from not mobile to mobile in about a day.  So, now they both pull themselves around.  They have also both started to try pulling themselves up on things!  And, like a box of chocolates, we were surprised yesterday to see that Sofia can also sit up on her own!  You just never know what you’re gonna get.  When did she figure that out?!  I often think that daycare doesn’t want to share mobility milestones with parents, so that parents have the chance to see it for "the first time."  We don’t mind if they have "firsts" at daycare, but I imagine there are some parents who would be bummed out by it.  Regardless, it was so exciting and Tony & I proved again to be suckers for the smallest accomplishment- laughing and cheering her on.
As if that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, Audrey’s top two teeth are cutting through.  This morning she grabbed my finger and popped it in her mouth as if to say, "Hey, when are you going to notice these new additions?!"  No wonder she has been gnawing on everything in sight.  Both of them have really stepped up their games in the food department.  This week we’ve seen Sofia gnash an english muffin to death and Audrey was initiated in Comida Mexicana by eating a bunch of pinto beans in class.  She urped them up about 30 mins later, but apparently enjoyed them on the way in.
The absolute best part of all this discovery is watching their expressions as things happen.  Their faces are so animated and lively.  Whether it is a string of repeated syllables, a toy across the room, or the hand on the end of their arms, they show all they are thinking on their faces.  Excitement, happiness, curiosity, confusion, grumpiness, tired, sleepy, or in need of a cuddle- it’s like watching the best movie you’ve ever seen- but live and in person.
This weekend we might take the girls up to a local farm that is going to have pony rides (If they are too little, can I ride?), a petting zoo, and face painting.  We’ll take plenty of pictures if we do!

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