High Steppin and Super Heroes!

Where Did Sofia Learn To March- The Land of Oz?!

The girls are starting to take their first steps!  Today was the first day that they showed real deliberate "stepping".  When we got to daycare this afternoon, they were both standing, holding on to a little foam "pool" in the middle of their room.  Then Tony and I went over and each grabbed one by the hands.  Sofia was so funny because she just started stepping with her left leg like she was in marching band or perhaps the army- with very exaggerated movements, sticking her leg way out to the side and then flinging it down.  Sometimes it would swing so quickly that it would sort of miss the floor and she would pivot into sticking her leg out behind her.  Her right leg was much more manageable and would just step awkwardly (though not nearly as enthusiastically) up, forward, and down.  She also loves to be on all fours and then straighten out her back legs- doing a perfect "downward dog" for those of you familiar with the quintessential yoga pose.  She will be walking in no time, I bet! 

Audrey is much more deliberate.  She is our little planner and no doubt will be a "big picture" kind of thinker- plotting out her next several moves before taking her first steps.  Obviously, we should start the chess lessons early.  I can tell we’ve got a budding Grand Master on our hands.  A week ago, Audrey went from not crawling at all to crawling quite proficiently in about a day and now you can see that she is really considering the whole "walking thing" as an alternative mode of transport.  She’s not a girl interested in limiting her options.  As for crawling- it’s like she is doing the butterfly- both arms flung forward together and then drawing the legs up behind her.  If she continues to be such an enthusiastic swimmer (in and out of the water), then we’ll make sure she gets plenty of time at the pool.  I know that as a kid, I just loved, loved the water and still do.  It’s probably the biggest downside, in my mind, about living in Seattle (vs. So. Cal, for example).

 Could Audrey secretly be a Koala Bear?

Addie is hysterical because when you try to put her down she grabs on to you like a maniacal koala- clinging to you like you were the last eucalyptus tree on the face of the planet.  Not to mention, she often tries to take a little snack out of your arm- with her FIVE teeth!  She also has these incredibly strong little hands, with sharp little nails that no matter how diligently I trim and file, manage to scratch Tony and I at least several times a week!

Fia has nuthin’ in the teeth department and is usually too busy to bother with a lot of cuddling.  Cuz, you know, cuddling is for babies.  In order to get around this independent streak, I am very sneaky and pick her up while she is holding an interesting toy, so that I can get a bunch of cuddling in before she notices.  Then she’ll give you an "aww…Mom!" look and fling her arms around- trying to either scale your shoulder like a mountain or do a swan dive from your chest down to the floor.  Clearly, we have a little mountain climber in the making.  The other method is to cuddle her when she’s sleepy- this works for both of them and is better than just about anything you can imagine.

Super Heroes by Day!

Finally, with the last few days being pretty hot- we’ve broken out the big box fans and introduced the girls to two concepts- wind tunnels and super heroes.  For the first, we’ll stand the girls in front of the oscillating fan and every time it comes by we say "wind tunnel!"  They just laugh and laugh and tuck their chins down while enjoying the breeze!  The other low cost way of getting them cooled off is to hold them "superman style" in front of the fan and hum the theme song from superman or great American hero.  They love that too.  Next, we’ll be getting them capes.  They are already introduced to the Wonder Twins concept because whenever they bang hands (or heads), we’ll say "Form of a bucket!" and "Form of water!"  Are those cartoons every around anymore?!


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