Talking in My Sleep!

Dream On, Dream Away!
This morning as I was feeding the girls, still sleepy and just moving through the morning routine, I was thinking how amazing it was that the girls skipped the stage where they begin by saying just one word and started with short sentences. Uh, back up.  What was that I was thinking?!  I had to do a double take on the little faces in front of me.  Then I realized that I was thinking about a DREAM I had the night before where the girls were talking!  I had to laugh at myself- naturally, a proud mom like me thinks of her girls as "exceptional" even in my dreams!  It’s not so much high expectations, as the fact that as a parent, you are constantly astounded by the pace at which they do everything!  I guess it was a natural extension for me to dream about the girls just coming off the starting line with little short sentences.  The way that they look at me, even now, just makes me feel like there is so much going on in their developing brains.  Along those same lines, I am only half kidding when I say that I feel like I am "behind" in terms of figuring out what pre-school is right for them.  Yes, I do have one in mind already and have been thinking about what I need to do to get them in it.  It’s not the "fanciest" or most prestigious, but rather, one that seems to emphasize developing a genuine LOVE of learning and curiousity for the world and everything in it.  If we can be successful at inspiring them to have curiosity and excitement for the incredible world around us, then I will consider us very lucky, "successful" parents.  As many of you have probably forecast, I’ll probably be the tiniest bit eccentric about this particular part of their development, but every kid has to have something (or a hundred things) to roll their eyes over when it comes to their parents, right?!
So Big!
And since I’m talking about cool things the girls are doing (and this one is real), Sofia has picked up the cutest little thing.  For the last week or so, we’ve been doing "So Big" with them.  Raising their arms over their heads and then saying "so big!" once their hands are in the air.  Well, Sofia has started to do it on her own.  It’s the cutest dang thing you have ever seen.  She’ll just be sitting there, gumming a Cheerio or playing with a toy, and then she’ll slowly lift her arms up in the air (almost as if it’s unconscious) and then she’ll look over to see if you are going to notice.  Of course, when you do and say "so big," you are rewarded with the biggest grin of delight!  Audrey loves to watch us do "so big" and gives a big smile if you raise her arms too!  Audrey, in her signature style, started taking steps this morning as well!  And, being Audrey- she does them very well and with a lot of confidence.  Now, both girls will toddle all over the room if you are holding their hands.  Audrey is particularly proud of herself for this accomplishment and will make little hooting or "yeah" sounds.  It is so hilarious and fun to watch them change every day.

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