Note to self…

When in Rome
Perhaps you recall the adage about "When in Rome, do as the Romans…", well, the tables turn slightly when you have a child (or two) that is at the age when they are observing AND MIMICKING what YOU do!  For a number of weeks now the girls have been happily learning to "high 5", do "so big!" and occasionally clap.  But what about those things you show them that maybe you DON"T realize they will continue to mimic- what happens then?
The Short Bus
So, a few days ago, Audrey was sitting in her high chair just relaxing after a yummy meal of bite size veggies and an english muffin slathered in butter (no really- the butter is good for their growing brains!).  She reaches up to scratch her head, so I think "how cute" and pat my head with my hand.  Audrey sees this and instantly starts to pat her head… hard.  Clearly, she is showing me how enthusiactically she can do what Mom does.  So, I laugh and don’t think much of it.  A little later she and Sofia are playing on the floor and I notice that Audrey is now banging her head with a toy while smiling up at me as if to say, "Look Mom, I remember what you showed me!"  It was so cute but I did realize that both Tony and I have to be thoughtful of what we show them how to do.  We could inadvertently end up making them look like they belong on the short bus!  Audrey continued to bang her head for a couple of days with whatever she happened to be holding, but it’s been tapering off and I swear I’m not going to show her again!
The girls have been doing something super cute lately (okay, I think they are cute pretty much ALL the time, but still)- often when they are eating in their high chairs, they will pause and one will look over at the other and reach out her hand.  Then the other will reach out and they will sit and hold hands for a few seconds while smiling or laughing at each other.  It is so neat to see that they are going to have each other as they grow up- a rock to steady them and a partner in all of their adventures.  How lucky they are!  And how lucky we are to get to watch them grow.
Quit being Silly!
This morning, Audrey had to put her sister in line a little bit.  Sofia was doing her semi-regular morning routine of protesting whatever is being served for breakfast.  This usually involves some crying, hand wringing, and a few well timed back arches- really showing how put out she is by the meal presented (this morning- yogurt and apple sauce).  Our response is to let her show off her dramatic skills for a few minutes and they try to quickly get a bit of the food into her mouth.  As soon as she tastes it, Sofia will smack her lips appreciatively and realize that she is missing out on something yummy.  So, today Audrey decided she’d had enough of Sofia’s theatrics and after watching Sofia carry on for a  few minutes, Audrey put her excellent mimicry skills to good use and mimicked Sofia’s crying.  But you could tell she was trying to "play back" to Sofia what she was hearing.  Sofia immediately stopped and looked at Audrey kind of sheepishly, as if to say "Is that what I sound like?!"  Audrey did it one or two more times and Sofia stopped carrying on completely and decided that she was ready for her yogurt, thank you very much.  Audrey then started laughing, with a huge smile.  It was like she knew she had shown Sofia the error of her ways.  It was hilarious!

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