Moving at the speed of kids!


It is shocking to me that we are on the countdown to the girl’s first birthday.  It will be here in about 3 weeks and I feel like we are roaring towards the completion of this first "lap" at record speed.  Do they really get faster after this?  I may have to reconsider sleeping- because things are already going by wayyy too quickly.


These days the twinks are being so silly and funny.  We are determined to get a couple of their current "tricks" on camera because they are too good to miss.  I also know they will vanish like Mayflys- here for a few weeks and then abandoned in favor of bigger and better pursuits.  Here’s a sample of the latest antics:


Ouch! Audrey stars in The Spy Who Loved Me

A week or so ago, we picked the girls up from daycare, only to learn that Audrey had BITTEN Sofia when Sofia tried to take a toy from her!  And poor Sofia had a u-shaped mark on her arm to prove it.  We watched Audrey (I can’t help but think of the James Bond villain "Jaws") for a few days and every time she went for a bite, we gently but firmly said "no!" and she seemed to get that it wasn’t appropriate behavior.  We haven’t had a recurrence, so let’s hope this little storm has passed.


When you don’t have pockets…

Audrey started this one, but Sofia has taken it to new heights- carrying stuff around in their mouths.  Whether it is a tiny shoe, or a little board book, or a blankie- the girls both realized that they can put their chompers to good use.  Seeing as A&S aren’t quite dexterous enough to use their hands to stuff things in their pockets, and since everyone knows that a girl on the move has to have a toy with her- why not employ that mouth as an all-purpose carrier?  It’s the funniest thing to see them cruise around the corner with a small toy or shoe happily clasped in their jaws.  I don’t know if they just thought this up on their own or picked it up from watching Daisy- but either way, it strikes me as terribly ingenious and practical from the perspective of a nearly 1-year old.



In just the last few days, Sofia has started to try and make that "Pbtthbth!" sound by squeezing her lips together and blowing.  It’s is so fun to watch her focus her concentration on it and they look at you to see if she is doing it right.  Sometimes she tries different methods, which often end up with her tongue poking out- to the detriment of the noise, but increasing the hilarious factor significantly.


It burns us!

Remember in Lord of the Rings how Golem clutches at his neck (we’ll just reference the movie and not page #’s from the book) when the elvish rope is put around his neck, even though it is visibly loose?  Well, we aren’t leashing the kids (now or ever), but Sofia does a darn good Golem imitation anytime she is faced with any of the following:

   – A diaper change while she is busy playing- which is always

   – Food offered on a spoon- she can eat it herself thank you very much

   – Clothing changes when she could be running around in a diaper- Don’t cramp my style, man!

   – Being transported from one location to another- say from the edge of the stairs to some safer and flatter location like away from the edge of the stairs


Audrey Hoot Owl!

Audrey loves to make little hooting sounds- especially in her carseat.  She will hoot away happily and we will turn it in to a call and response game from the front seat.  Sometimes I think an audio recording of our drive home would be pretty entertaining because Tony and I will be fully engaged in conversation in the front seat when we hear a hoot or babble from the back seat and we both respond to it without missing a beat in our own conversation.  Sofia also chimes in during these babble sessions but she has a more varied repertoire than Audrey’s sweet and steady hootings.  The jury is out on who will talk first- each day I change my mind and think- "oh, Audrey for sure" and then I’ll switch and think- "No, it’s going to be Sofia".  Only time will tell…



So, we’ll be celebrating the girl’s birthday in a few short weeks and all of us will be saying a fond farewell to the previous year.  This week, I was chatting with a good friend (and fellow twin mom) as we ran around Greenlake, and she commented on thinking back to the struggles of the first days and weeks at home with the babies.  That time is mostly a fuzzy blur but when you zoom in and think about specific milestones, like when they drank 40cc’s for the first time or slept for 4 hours at a stretch, or when YOU slept for 4 hours at a stretch- it has that scratchy feeling of being too close but also a million miles away.  At the time, those milestones seemed monumental- like the parental version of Everest, but now those moments feel like not only did they go by in a flash, but they were just little speed bumps.  To think that our girls spent their first two weeks in the NICU- so tiny and seemingly fragile, and now they are these vital, vibrant, boisterous little people- it’s makes me choke up, just thinking of how they have blossomed (clichéd but true) into robust (though still pretty mini) humans- and I know that every year hence will seem like they packed more growing and changing and learning in than the previous year, which is probably why each year seems to accelerate.


To Infinity and Beyond!

If you’ll indulge my love of Pixar movies and let me quote Buzz Lightyear, I can’t wait to hang on to the contrails of these little jet engines as they blast off to places in the universe that I can only imagine.  Last night, Tony and I watched, hands clasped in wonder and excitement, as Barack Obama made history by accepting the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States.  We have watched all of the convention coverage from the last few days- from Hillary’s powerful, inspiring speech, to seeing how Michelle and Barack’s stories are both the embodiment of the American Dream- for children to have to ability to go from ordinary to extraordinary through hard work, determination, and with the support of a loving, caring family and community.  My heart is filled with joy and gratitude that we live in a country where these dreams can be realized and hope that we can transmit that same level of optimism and promise to our own girls and the next generation.


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