Update on Tony

This is the second email update that I sent following Tony’s cardiac arrest
Hi Everyone,
I want to give an update on Tony- but first I want to thank everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.  It has been humbling and overwhelming to have such a tsunami of affection and support come in.  Last night, I read Tony every single email, facebook post, and well wish that was sent.  I know he appreciated them and will also be overwhelmed by the love and support.
So, on to what you all what to hear- Tony has had a terrific day.  Beginning last night at about 1am, they started the warming portion of the hypothermia process.  I learned that it is only the 3rd time that UWMC has performed it and I am so grateful that they did.  I feel so lucky to have a hospital so close to us that utilizes every tool to give the best chances for recovery.  Around 6am this morning, he started to come out of his sedation a little bit- he moved his arms and legs and turned his head.  The nursing staff actually gave him additional sedation medication because the "uncooling" process takes about 12 hours (remember how it could happen in an instant in high school- trip and you were instantly "uncool").  Later in the day, he came out of the sedation a bit more and nodded his head vigorously in response to questions and very firmly squeezed my hand.  He was also blinking and looking around a little- though it was pretty unfocused.  All of these things are absolutely wonderful indications and hopefully bode well for the future.
At this moment, he is still on a ventilator tube and will be until tomorrow (they wanted to wait until they have the full staff here in the morning), but hopefully early tomorrow they’ll be able to get rid of that.  I think the biggest milestone is that he’s now in a hospital gown, rather than just under a sheet.  It sounds small, but it means that the nursing staff is more confident that he won’t need some kind of urgent care that a hospital gown would slow down.  He is getting an echocardiagram right now and resting comfortably.  We’ve had a steady stream of relatives, friends, and food through the hospital and house today.  I simply could not be more grateful and appreciative of the support.  I can’t tell you all what it means to me to be able to focus on Tony and relax about the girls care (not to mention Daisy and the cats!).  Audrey and Sofia visited Tony last night at the hospital and I am sure it was good for him to hear their sweet voices.  We are so fortunate to have so many helpful and wonderful friends and neighbors- it makes me feel like we are the luckiest people I know.
Next steps will include removing the ventilator tube, assessing his neurological status and continuing to monitor his heart.  He’ll have a heart cathiteritization next week (where they inject dye to see how it moves in his heart) and has "won" a permanent defibulator device- which is like a permanent insurance policy, should he ever have another episode.  Unlike a pacemaker, it just sits there dormant until its needed.  Obviously, the neurological status is still up in the air, but the signs are very encouraging.  As far as what caused this- they know feel confident that it was cardiac arrest and think it was likely an "electrical" event rather than structural (more like having wiring short out than the blockage of an artery, for example).  The care here at UWMC has been just phenomenal and I am so, so grateful.  Let me also say that having Microsoft’s wonderful insurance and no need to worry about devastating medical bills has also been an incredible blessing that I am grateful for now and years to come.
Whew, I think that’s about it for now.
Thanks again for all of the good thoughts and well wishes.  I will keep everyone posted as we move forward.

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