Funny How The Mind Works

And I’m not talking about Tony…
You’d think, with a title like that, I would be talking again about Tony and his amazing recovery- but I’m not.  I am actually talking about my own mind and a fact that I wasn’t ready to come to grips with until yesterday.  You’ll notice that in my first email, I said that the paramedics worked on Tony for 25 minutes… well, that’s not true.  They actually worked on him for closer to 45 mins or an hour.  The paramedics responded to our house at about 11:08pm and he wasn’t admited to UWMC until 1:30am!  So what’s interesting about this observation (to me anyway) is that I wasn’t ready to admit to myself that they had worked at reviving him for so long- I knew that the longer they worked, the more grim the outcome was likely to be, so I unconsciously adjusted the amount of time down to a number that must have felt reasonable- still within the threshold of recovery.  I had heard the timeline from the doctors and nurses many times and just yesterday finally felt far enough removed from the terror of last Weds night to let myself mentally let go and admit that it was so much longer until they were actually able to have Tony’s heart pumping on his own.  Of course, it only serves to make the story more incredible and is an even greater testament to him as an individual and the paramedics as a team of true heroes.
The Moral of the Story- Tenacity
So, aside from the lesson that everyone should learn CPR, I think the big lesson here is tenacity.  I think of each of those moments when the paramedics could have given up or called it and I am so thankful that they didn’t (sounds like an understatement I suppose).  It is a lesson that each of us can take away from all this.  Be ferocious in your pursuit of a goal- their goal was to literally bring Tony back to life and they did.  If they can do that though brains, experience, sweat, and passion- then certainly we can all apply a little more of that to our daily lives.  Not to mention that I know Tony was such a fighter through it all and is now reaping the rewards of an excellent outcome because of it.  It definitely is going to make me think about what goals are hanging out there that I want to pursue.  Perhaps it will be something meaty like a marathon or some other physical challenge- but it might also be trying to live more fully each day.  Journeying through something like this has been a profound experience for many of us- and will be for Tony most of all, over the weeks and months as he reflects on the past and thinks about the future.
Breaking News- Discharged Saturday?!
I just spoke with the doctor and it looks like Tony may have his ICD implanted Friday (tomorrow) and be discharged on Saturday!  Wow, nothing like hearing that you’re so well they want to boot you out of the hospital!  The scheduling hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed because I know that he’d love to be home with his girls this weekend and I can’t wait to see him walk in that front door.  When they took him out the door, I had no idea what the future would hold and to see him come back through so hale and healthy will go down as one of the highlights of my life.

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