Aren’t we supposed to have a few years, yet?

I thought I’d share a quick update about some of the cute things the girls are doing lately.

Everyone knows I can’t sing, but cut me so slack!

Sometimes in the car, I’ll sing nursery rhymes to the girls, just to try and keep them entertained during the commute.  You know- a little "itsy bitsy spider," or some "London Bridge is falling down" always makes the ride better, or so I thought…  Yesterday, I realized the girls might be growing up a little too fast because when I began to sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm….", Sofia started shaking her head and saying "No, no, no!"  Do you think it was a commentary on my singing voice?!  Not to be deterred by a 19 month old, I plowed ahead (no farm puns intended) and finished the song.  Then, we did the "itsy bitsy spider" which was met with less criticism, perhaps because of the fabulous hand motions that go along with it.  The pinky-thumb twisty thing that you do to demonstrate the spider climbing gets them every time- I think because it looks so complicated.  And I must admit, I often mess that up too- realizing that instead of going pinky-thumb, somehow, I have changed it to thumb-thumb and it looks like an epileptic seagull.  So there you go- Sofia is gearing up to be an American Idol judge.

Late Night Shenanigans!

The girls also love to wear shoes and take them on and off all the time.  They love to wear them all kinds of different ways- one shoe, one barefoot, or one shoe and one sandal.  With different shoes, they often end up marching around the house like miniature sailors who are trying to shake off their sea legs- weaving all over floor and not infrequently tripping.  Well, just the other morning, we went in the girls room and discovered that Sofia was wearing black mary janes that we didn’t even KNOW we owned!  She must have fished them out of the closet and then slept the whole night in them.  They were lovely with her psychedelic pajama bottoms.  This morning was even better because Tony began to open the bedroom door only to have it go "bump" against one of the girls heads.  They were both sleeping on the floor, right in front of the door, and Sofia was wearing boots (two lefts that were also different colors).  They scrambled to their feet and of course, their hair was all messed up and I thought, "Is this foreshadowing the future?  What, did they sneak out last night and couldn’t even get back into bed?  And Sofia didn’t even take her shoes off!"  Well, maybe we’ve all been there, but how about waiting for High School first?!  Then as we prepared to leave for school this morning, after I had put a very sensible and appropriate pair of k-swiss tennis shoes on Sofia, we turned around to see Sofia standing in front of the door with her fancy black mary janes on- looking at us like, "these are really what I’m in the mood for".  Tony and I looked at each other and shrugged- hey, if she wants to wear them- whatever.  Audrey was standing a little further back and kind of gave a look like, "Hey, I didn’t have anything to do with it."

We all trouped out the door and  Tony and I were just thankful we didn’t have to have a struggle with the girls over whether they really *needed* to carry two paper shopping bags to the car (they love to mimic us with our gym & computer bags).  That’ll be tomorrow, I’m sure.


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