A Halloween Surprise and Ready for Winter!

The girls received an unusual surprise for Halloween.  Watch their reactions as they see if for the first time!
Next, they have a little more fun with it…
Part of getting ready for cold weather is getting new hats and gloves!  The girls have fun with theirs!
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August fun

Here are a few new videos from our mini vacation to Orcas Island and Fairhaven in August.

Boating is Tiring Work!


Ferry Fun

Safety First!

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Sofia & Audrey get their Easter baskets 09

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Aren’t we supposed to have a few years, yet?

I thought I’d share a quick update about some of the cute things the girls are doing lately.

Everyone knows I can’t sing, but cut me so slack!

Sometimes in the car, I’ll sing nursery rhymes to the girls, just to try and keep them entertained during the commute.  You know- a little "itsy bitsy spider," or some "London Bridge is falling down" always makes the ride better, or so I thought…  Yesterday, I realized the girls might be growing up a little too fast because when I began to sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm….", Sofia started shaking her head and saying "No, no, no!"  Do you think it was a commentary on my singing voice?!  Not to be deterred by a 19 month old, I plowed ahead (no farm puns intended) and finished the song.  Then, we did the "itsy bitsy spider" which was met with less criticism, perhaps because of the fabulous hand motions that go along with it.  The pinky-thumb twisty thing that you do to demonstrate the spider climbing gets them every time- I think because it looks so complicated.  And I must admit, I often mess that up too- realizing that instead of going pinky-thumb, somehow, I have changed it to thumb-thumb and it looks like an epileptic seagull.  So there you go- Sofia is gearing up to be an American Idol judge.

Late Night Shenanigans!

The girls also love to wear shoes and take them on and off all the time.  They love to wear them all kinds of different ways- one shoe, one barefoot, or one shoe and one sandal.  With different shoes, they often end up marching around the house like miniature sailors who are trying to shake off their sea legs- weaving all over floor and not infrequently tripping.  Well, just the other morning, we went in the girls room and discovered that Sofia was wearing black mary janes that we didn’t even KNOW we owned!  She must have fished them out of the closet and then slept the whole night in them.  They were lovely with her psychedelic pajama bottoms.  This morning was even better because Tony began to open the bedroom door only to have it go "bump" against one of the girls heads.  They were both sleeping on the floor, right in front of the door, and Sofia was wearing boots (two lefts that were also different colors).  They scrambled to their feet and of course, their hair was all messed up and I thought, "Is this foreshadowing the future?  What, did they sneak out last night and couldn’t even get back into bed?  And Sofia didn’t even take her shoes off!"  Well, maybe we’ve all been there, but how about waiting for High School first?!  Then as we prepared to leave for school this morning, after I had put a very sensible and appropriate pair of k-swiss tennis shoes on Sofia, we turned around to see Sofia standing in front of the door with her fancy black mary janes on- looking at us like, "these are really what I’m in the mood for".  Tony and I looked at each other and shrugged- hey, if she wants to wear them- whatever.  Audrey was standing a little further back and kind of gave a look like, "Hey, I didn’t have anything to do with it."

We all trouped out the door and  Tony and I were just thankful we didn’t have to have a struggle with the girls over whether they really *needed* to carry two paper shopping bags to the car (they love to mimic us with our gym & computer bags).  That’ll be tomorrow, I’m sure.

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Quick update!

It’s been ages, so I thought I’d post a quick update- if only to refresh the headline. 🙂

The girls are doing great!  We recently took the crib rails off of their cribs, so they are now in little beds and love it! The transition wasn’t even really a transition.  They adjusted to the new setup pretty much immediately and now love being able to get in and out of their beds on their own.  We did have one naptime where they choose to play the whole time, rather then settle down and nap.  But at bedtime, they just lay right down and go to sleep.  In the mornings, we often find them sitting up in bed with a toy they have pulled off their shelves.  It’s so cute and of course, I love the independence it gives them- they can get toys or wander around in their bedrooms.  We crack up listening to them on the baby monitor as they babble and move around the room.

Audrey and Sofia are also making progress in the talking department.  They both are very articulate with a few words and are adding more everyday.  They aren’t stringing them together yet or even saying them with a lot of consistency, but each time they pick up a new word, you can see the lightbulb go off in their head.  I always visualize the little neuron pathways lighting up and solidifying.  The process of language acquisition is so fascinating- it’s so cool to see it happening in two little people.  Love it!

We are traveling down to San Diego on Thursday for a long weekend/ mini-vacation and I can’t wait to see how they react to the beach and water.  I’m hopeful that they’ll want to play and splash a lot and I’d love to wade in the water with them.  We are also going to see my brother and their cousins and do a trip to SeaWorld.  That should be great and I know we’ll have lots of pictures to post from the trip.  Tony and I are looking forward to the time off work, extra time as a family, and the SUN- warm, warm, beautiful, magnificent sunshine!  Can you tell what I’ve been craving lately?!

In other news, I have started in my new role as the Business Manager for the Mac Business Unit at Microsoft.  It has been an awesome transition (though I miss my buddies on my old team too) and I am so thrilled to be a part of this team- not only because of the incredible people (which we have in spades), but because it is an end to end business with revenue, development, marketing, etc., all in one location.  Our group makes Office for Mac, Messenger for Mac, and a couple of other things.  It’s a really exciting space to be in and we have a very exciting year ahead.

Tony and I continue to work out at the gym and really love it.  Tony is thinking about joining a rec league basketball team in the neighborhood and I am still running a lot.

It’s a bit of quick update, but hopefully covers the highlights.



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Happy Inaguration Day!

What January 20th, 2009 means to me

Today, I feel as if I am clasping hands with people from not only all across the country, but people from our present and past- people that have stood up to injustice, people who bravely shouldered the burden of inhumanity, people who have chosen to recognize what is right over what is established, people who have cared instead of shrugged, people who have seen value where they are told there was none, people who have looked themselves in the eye and been ashamed but not paralyzed, people who have held out a hand in compassion and friendship and trust.  On this day, I feel that as a nation we are picking up the long thread that stretches behind us and adding a new design to this tapestry that is American history.

I feel proud, hopeful, and humble.  I feel like it’s one of the rare moments when you know beforehand that you are actually about to become part of history, not just an unwitting consumer who discovers it after the fact.  It may sound odd, but I hope that I have to struggle to convey the importance of this day to our daughters and grandchildren- not because it will be forgotten, but because this step in our journey as a nation brings us closer to our goal of being a union of tolerance, kindness, kinship, empathy, and understanding.  As a woman, a mother, and as a person who tries to be AWARE, I want to embrace today for the excitement and promise it holds and throw off the cynicism and caution that I would normally reserve for portentious moments like these.  I want to hug my friends, dance with my husband, twirl with my children, and feel the full power of the human heart and potential for just a few minutes.

There will be time enough (all of it that’s left) to get back to the day to day, the minutae that makes up our lives, but for this moment- I will believe and throw open the walls of my heart to the skies and feel the infinite potential of the universe.

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Does this mean we’re getting coal?

Visiting Santa- Better Luck Next Year!
After an hour and a half out in the cold, and on our 3rd and final attempt (seeing as it was Christmas eve and 5pm), we were finally able to visit Santa.  As you can see from the picture… the girls did NOT think it was worth the wait!
Maybe next year?
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